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The journey of the TGolf Foundation, initiated by Dr. NRN Reddy, began in 2021 with a mission to develop and grow golf as a sport in Telangana and India. Recognizing the invaluable contribution of the ground staff who play a vital role in the game of golf, the foundation also focuses on catering to their needs and well-being.

In March 2021, the foundation hosted its first event, the TGolf Challenge, which marked the beginning of a series of engaging and competitive tournaments. With a commitment to promoting golf at various levels, the foundation organized two major events each year, both in 2021 and 2022. These events include the TGolf Challenge, the T9 Challenge, and the National Amateur Golf League, providing platforms for golfers to showcase their skills and passion.

Beyond organizing golfing events, the TGolf Foundation actively engages in philanthropic initiatives. They distribute attire to those in need, ensuring that individuals have appropriate clothing to participate in the sport. Additionally, the foundation conducts medical camps, offering healthcare support to underserved communities and promoting well-being through golf.

The TGolf Foundation is registered with the Income Tax Department, enabling it to provide 80(G) Exemption for tax benefits to donors and supporters. This status encourages contributions and support for the foundation’s endeavors.

Throughout its journey, the TGolf Foundation remains dedicated to its vision of a thriving golfing community in Telangana and India. By focusing on the development of golf as a sport and supporting the unsung heroes of the game, the foundation aims to create a positive impact, inspire participation, and foster growth in the world of golf.

Join the T Golf Foundation in their journey to nurture golfing excellence and make a positive impact in the community.

T Golf Foundation
Plot No. 122 & 123, Krishna, 5th Floor,
Lumbini Avenue Lane, Diamond Hills,
Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India – 500032


Phone: 040 – 23119059


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