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Vision: The TGolf Foundation envisions a thriving golfing community in Telangana and India, where the sport is widely embraced, enjoyed, and celebrated.

Mission: The TGolf Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling its outlook through the following mission objectives:

Promote Golf Development: Foster the growth and development of golf as a sport by organizing events, providing training opportunities, and creating a platform for golf enthusiasts to showcase their skills and passion.

Support Ground Staff: Recognize the crucial role played by the ground staff, including laborers and operators, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain and ensure the smooth functioning of golf courses. Cater to their needs and provide support, recognition, and resources to enhance their well-being and job satisfaction.

Expand Participation: Encourage wider participation in golf by reaching out to diverse communities, organizing outreach programs, conducting training sessions for beginners, and promoting inclusivity within the sport.

Organize Signature Events: Host major golfing events, such as the TGolf Challenge, T9 Challenge, and the National Amateur Golf League, to showcase the talents of golfers and attract attention to the sport.

Engage in Philanthropic Initiatives: Undertake charitable works, including attire distribution and medical camps, to support the less privileged and give back to society.

Join the T Golf Foundation in their journey to nurture golfing excellence and make a positive impact in the community.

T Golf Foundation
Plot No. 122 & 123, Krishna, 5th Floor,
Lumbini Avenue Lane, Diamond Hills,
Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India – 500032


Phone: 040 – 23119059


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